An Overview Of The Current State of Stablecoins

The team at BlockData beat us to the bunch and released a beautiful quarterly report on the state of the stablecoin market, full of eye-candy based on our data - thanks for the hat-tip!


■ Only 30% of the total number of announced stablecoins are live. The rest are either in development or closed.

■ Off-chain is the most popular form of collateral for stablecoin projects.

■ USD-backed stablecoins are the most active and have the lowest attrition, while 67% of closed stablecoin projects were backed by gold.

■ 50% of all active stablecoins are developed on the Ethereum network.

■ Tether has raised the most amount of funding for all stablecoin projects with $ 1 Billion raised through an IEO.

■ Since the beginning of 2017, 119 projects have been announced but not yet publicly launched. 2019/2020 may be the biggest years of new stablecoins coming live.


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