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Stable.Report, Apr. 1 — Apr.7

Project Updates

How Many Stablecoins Are There? 🕵️ With 147 projects announced throughout the year, 2018 was dubbed the year of stablecoins. This year, the rate of stablecoin announcements has stabilized , with 20 diverse projects announced throughout the first quarter of 2019. These post breaks the ecosystem down through colorful visualizations. -via CementDAO

There’s (Another) Canadian Dollar-Pegged Stablecoin on the Way 🇨🇦 Coinsquare is launching a stablecoin pegged to the Canadian dollar (CAD). The launch is Coinsquare’s attempt to reach mainstream use-cases with the eCAD, such as cross-border payments and remittances. -via Coindesk

Carbon Partners with Karma to Provide Fiat On / Off Ramp and Market Making Service 🤝 Carbon team announced a partnership with Karma. Carbon’s modular fiat on/off ramp, Carbon Fiber, will be utilized by Karma in order to offer their users a convenient way to convert fiat to cryptocurrencies. This is similar’s to last week’s partnership announcement with MEET.ONE via Carbon

Startup Celo Aims to Make Crypto Accessible to Mainstream Mobile Users 🤑 It was revealed that Celo raised $30 million from Polychain Capital and Andreessen Horowitz. This round of funding aims to facilitate the project’s goals for the unbanked and cross-border payments through smartphones. -via Wall Street Journal

Dev Update — 5 April 2019 📄 There are two significant milestones: (1) Digix was selected as one of ten startups to take part in the Tribe Accelerator programme and (2) DigixDAO was finally launched after three-years of R&D. -via Digix

Industry Specific Cryptocurrency 🏢 Victoria Davies suggests that industry specific stablecoins are revolutionary and offers inherent advantages to industries that traditional payment models cannot offer. She uses several examples (e.g.Fishing industries) in this blog and shows how a robust ecosystem can be built on the blockchain. -via Element Zero

KTB, Shwebank and Everex receive Bank of Thailand approval on ASEAN event to start the International Remittance Project 🇹🇭 On April 4th 2019, Everex received approval from the Bank of Thailand, during an ASEAN event, to start the International Remittance Project. The Central bank governors of Thailand and Myanmar highlighted that the payment connectivity between Thailand and Myanmar is a milestone for financial inclusion. -via Everex

Globcoin Update: Q1 2019 📃 In this post, the Globcoin team walked through a few milestones the project achieved in Q1 2019. This includes (1) the launch at World Economic Forum and (2) Globcoin listed at Lykke, InstantBitex and BITKER Exchanges. -via

Project Update: Q1 2019: Putting traditional assets on Ethereum 📑 In this post, the Jibrel team highlighted several milestones made:  1) On stablecoins, JCash will include pegs to the USD, Euro, KRW and GBP; 2) On debt instruments, assisted Al Hilal Bank in settling and clearing the first smart Sukuk on Ethereum; 3) On real Estate, Jibrel has become an approved Emaar Properties Broker and was allowed to sell Emaar owned properties on chain; 4) On commodities: Jibrel now offers gold-backed stablecoin JGLD on-chain. -via Jibrel

Kinesis Currencies Now Sharia Law Compliant 🇦🇪 A review was conducted for the Kinesis Monetary System by the Amanah Finance Consultancy and now Kinesis was awarded a Sharia-compliant certificates for its most product components. -via Kinesis

Kinesis Currency Exchange (KCX) Now Live! 🎉 Kinesis announced the launch of the Kinesis Currency Exchange (KCX) , also known as the Kinesis Mint. The KCX allows users to create (mint) Kinesis digital currencies, KAU and KAG. -via Kinesis Money

MakerDAO Aims to Swap Local South Korean Currencies With Dai 🇰🇷 MarkerDAO announced a new program in South Korea. This new initiative will include collaborating with government projects such as VANTA and HYCON. These projects helped South Korean cities create their own local currencies to boost local economies. MakerDAO is using this opportunity to achieve the swap between local currencies and DAI.  -via Ambcypto

What Is A Lock-Up Period and How Does it Help the Token Prices? 👀 An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) lock-up period is a kind of a limitation prohibiting investors from selling their stock/tokens for a certain period of time. Sera Akinci suggests this aims to achieve three purposes: 1) prevent the flooding of the market with too many tokens; 2) a panic sell and finally 3) eradicate the appearance that those closest to the company harbor a lack of faith in its prospects. -Mena Pay

An Insurance Backstop 🤔 The Serenus team lists different approaches taken by various exchanges and stablecoin issuers in the event of liquidation and introduces their form of liquidation — ‘takeover’. -via Serenus Coin

Stronghold’s Exchange to Offer Institutional/API Access Only 🙅‍♂️ The Stronghold team is making their trading platform exclusive to developers and institutional clients. Wallets will remain accessible for retail customers. Retail access to markets on will automatically close at 9 a.m. NZST on April 12; after that, all outstanding orders will be cancelled. -via Stronghold

Month in Review 📊 In this monthly updates, Stasis announced two new partnerships with Coinomi Wallet and ForDeX, as well as a transparency update and redesigned wallet. -via STASIS

Tether Daily Transaction Volume Hits All-Time High 📈 According to Coin Metric, on March 31st, the amount of Tether transactions hit a high of 38,150. Tether is now ranked the second top cryptocurrency by daily trading volume at $9.4 billion. -via Cointelegraph

TrustToken Launches British Pound-Backed Stablecoin 🇬🇧💷 TrustToken launched its second stablecoin — TrueGBP, backed 1:1 with British Pounds. TrueGBP is now available on several OTC trading platforms (including Bluefire Capital and QCP Capital). The TrustToken team indicates that the token will soon become available for general trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. -via TrustToken

Meet The Universal Euro 🇪🇺 The Universal Protocol (UP) Alliance will launch its second stablecoin — UPEUR, backed 1:1 with Euros, and will allow customers to earn up 8% interest. Earlier this month, the UPUSD was announced. When released, it will be available through Uphold. -via Universal Protocol

Coinbase Launches Cross-Border Payments with XRP and USDC 💵 Coinbase is now offering cross-border payments service to enable customers to transfer funds using Ripple (XRP) and the stablecoin USDCoin (USDC). The transfers will be done within 20 seconds and covers over 100 countries. -via CNN