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Stable.Report, Apr. 29th - May. 5th

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Stablecoin News Of The Week:

Bitfinex Issues Details for $1 Billion Token Sale; Exchange Plans To Use Money To Cover Frozen Funds 🤑 Bitfinex is conducting a $1 billion IEO, according to the Bitfinex IEO white paper details posted by the company’s shareholder Zhao Dong. The exchange tokens are issued to provide liquidity to the company, as $850 million of its funds are currently frozen by the authorities in Poland, the U.S., and Portugal.  -via The Block

MIT’s Christian Catalini Said to Be Working on Facebook’s Cryptocurrency 😶 Two people with knowledge of the situation told CoinDesk that Prof. Christian Catalini, prominent crypto economist, is on leave from MIT and helping Facebook with its stablecoin efforts, the sources said. Catalini declined to comment. -via CoinDesk

Microsoft and JP Morgan Launch Partnership Pushing Ethereum-Based Platform 🤝 Microsoft has partnered with JP Morgan Chase to boost the financial giant’s Quorum blockchain technology. The partnership makes JP Morgan the first distributed ledger platform available through Azure Blockchain Service. Back in February, JP Morgan announced its own stablecoin, JPM Coin, pegged 1:1 to the US dollar.  -via Daily Hodl

Project Updates:

Digix Dev Update 📅 This update covers events attended and interviews given, as well as development updates and new features on the governance platform. -via Digix

Gemini Partners with Harbor to Fund Investments Leveraging Gemini Dollars 🤝 This partnership will allow allow users to invest in tokenized securities (e.g., commercial real estate, investment funds, etc.) using Gemini dollars and receive any future distributions or dividends of such deals in Gemini dollars. -via Gemini

Best Practices for Securing Your Gemini Account 🔐 Gemini recently released a self-service tool allowing customers to selectively whitelist and (i) ban all withdrawal activity, or (ii) restrict withdrawals from their Gemini account to specific, approved addresses. This post includes additional security recommendations — including details on whitelisting, passwords, and best practices for managing your Gemini account and digital assets more broadly. -via Gemini

everiToken Weekly Progress Report 📅 A busy week for the everiToken team, with this post detailing all the meetings and events the team had, as well as technical developments. -via everiToken

everiSigner and its Working Principle ✍️ Every cryptocurrency requires a signer in order to authorize and verify transactions. From Bitcoin, to XRP, to Ethereum, these signers are optimized for the blockchain which they work with. This post details how everiToken’s signer is different than the others. -via everiToken

7 Ways Security Tokens Will Change the World 🚀 A 10 trillion dollar security token market is unfolding, combining the power of blockchain technology with standardized securities. This post covers some of the industries could benefit the most in the not-so-distant future. -via Jibrel

Jibrel: April Update 📅 Jibrel has has a busy month, this post includes updates on the product and business development side of things, as well as new hires and other developments. -via Jibrel

Staking Rewards Claimable on Mintr! ⛏ SNX staking rewards are now claimable through the Mintr dApp. This is an important release as it increases the incentives for SNX holders to contribute to the network.️ This post covers how it works, how to claim it and its schedule. -via Synthetix

TrustToken Launches TrueCAD, a Canadian Dollar-Backed Stablecoin 🇨🇦 TrueCAD is the second of the four stablecoins recently announced, with TrueEUR set to launch in the coming months and TrueHKD later in 2019. -via TrustToken

TrustToken Comment on Bitfinex and Tether 🤔 Like most stablecoin stakeholders, the TrustToken team was not surprised by the recent news from Tether. This post leverages the crisis to promote their stablecoin model as more trustworthy and without conflicts of interest, as well as their Stablecoin Code of Ethics to build trust and increase transparency in the space. -via TrustToken

Alchemint Monthly Progress Report 📅 This post provides updates on the SNEO collateral, SDUSD issued, overall mortgage rate and fees collected. It also provides updates on ongoing R&D and community events. 

-via Alchemint

Now You Can Get PAX Through the Blockchain Wallet 👛 Paxos will now be available as a stablecoin on and its wallet, giving it access to their 36 million users; making PAX the only stablecoin and the 5th digital asset to become available on -via Paxos

Growing Demand for PAX around the World 🚀 Over the week, PAX’s market cap increased nearly 50%, and their all-time transaction volume crossed the $18 billion mark the previous Sunday, with transaction volume surging past $1 billion - an 81% increase over the week before. Ontology,a fast-growing blockchains, also announced that PAX was chosen as the exclusive stablecoin to launch on their platform. -via Paxos

Making Maker: April 2019 📝 A lot happened at MakerDAO during April, this monthly update helps unpack it all in a surprisingly brief yet juicy post. Updates include progress on the development of Multi-Collateral DAI (MCD), interviews with team members, the (much debated) reconstitution of the Maker Ecosystem Growth Foundation (MEGF), the new 16.5% stability fee, new partnerships and new integrations. -via MakerDAO