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Stable.Report, April 8th - April 14th

Stablecoin News of the Week:

Tim Draper to Meet with Facebook to discuss investing in FB Coin 🤑 Tim Draper is planning to meet with Facebook execs to discuss investing in FB coin. According to a tweet of the New York Times tech reporter Nathaniel Popper, the project is seeing a $1 billion investment from various VCs and the FB coin would be pegged with a basket of foreign currencies held in bank accounts. - via Bloomberg

World’s Fifth Largest Bank MUFG to Put Stablecoin to Practical Use in 2019 🇯🇵 Mistusbishi UFJ Financial Group is set to put its stablecoin, MUDG Coin pegged 1:1 to the Japanese yen into practical user later year. Upon its implementation, customers will need to download an app which automatically converts their bank deposit into MUDG Coin. The current envisaged use cases are (1) payment (e.g. paying at restaurants) and (2) remittance service (e.g. transfer the currency to other participants’ account. -via Cointelegraph

Project Updates

Ormeus has signed a $1.5 million deal to use COTI’s Trustchain technology 🤝 COTI will be providing Ormeus Cash (OMC) with the technology upon which it can build its merchant gateway and point of sale (POS) system as part of a contract in consideration of $1.5 million. This will enable OMC to be accepted by merchants all around the world as payment for goods and services, while bypassing the roadblocks experienced by traditional and blockchain-based payment networks. -via COTI

How To Leverage the Blockchain and Grow Your Business 🤔 Victoria Davies suggests the most evolutionary aspect of blockchain is its ability to link every recorded transaction with other transactions around it, which will provide business owners with a more definitive view of the customers. Multiple case studies of how multi-national enterprises utilise blockchain technologies are presented in this post. It is encouraged that businesses at any size should take advantages of this golden age of blockchain. -via Element Zero

Gemini Block Trading: One-Year Lookback 🥂 Gemini was celebrating the one-year anniversary of Gemini Block TradingTM on April 12th 2019. -via Gemini

How Jibrel is Tokenizing Real Estate 🏘 Jibrel collaborated with Emaar Properties (Dubai-based) to issue property token. Jibrel indicates that when a piece of real estate, Property A is tokenised, it is broken down into digital security tokens and each coin represent actual ownership percentage in the asset and any profits derived will be distributed among token holders. -via Jibrel

HelloGold Foundation Update #22– 10th April 2019 📑 There are three highlights of HelloGold weekly updates: (1) AUM breaking the 20 kg milestone thanks to a 4 kg increase in March.; (2) “Cash to Gold” feature to simplify in-app customer’s experience; (3) Improvement implemented following Thai market feedback survey. -via HelloGold

MoneyToken VIP Customer Service launch 👍 MoneyToken announced that they will offer a VIP Customer Service to help its users/clients constantly manage their assets. The service charge is $300/month for users with less than $50k deposit and free for users with more than $50k deposit. -via MoneyToken

Blockchain Prediction Platform Augur to launch stablecoin DAI-denominated markets 👏 Event betting platform, Augur launched a token denominated in DAI as part of a major upgrade to its platform. This strategical move is to address the volatility of ETH (the crypto is used at the platform so far). -via Cointelegraph

MarkerDAO to increase Fees above 10% in Bid to Stablise DAI 📈 The value of DAI peg continues to be weak in the past week, hovering around 96%. A vote was initiated on 8th April with 5 options of fee increases presented. The preliminary round of polling shows an 11.5% stability fee is likely to be ratified. The aim of fee increases is to reduce the circulation of DAI in the market and push up its value. -via Coindesk

Update: The Road to Multi-Collateral Dai — Kovan Release v0.2.3 🔖 MakerDAO team announced the release of MCD v0.2.2 on the Kovan testnet. This post shows the development updates to four areas: (1) core contracts (2) governance process; (3) CDP Portal and (4) Dai,js. -via MarkerDAO

The Secrets behind Asia’s Global Blockchain Leadership 🌏 In this post, Ido Sadeh Man, reveals what he believes to be the reasons behind Asia’s admirable prominence in the global crypto and blockchain ecosystem. -via Saga

VALOR Token Goes Global 🎉 SMART VALOR announced that after the exchange function f SMART VALOR is officially launching the global user engagement program. -via SMART VALOR

Stronghold Creates Proprietary Order Book for Business Customers 📲Further updates to last week’s update (Retail users will no longer access to service after April 25th), Stronghold team further elaborates that the change will only impact on individual users of Stellar’s Decentralised Exchange.

STASIS CEO will be a spokesman for INATBA’s finance group 🎙 Stasis announced that its CEO, Gregory Klumov will act as spokesman for the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Application, part of European Commission’s digital Single Market Strategy. Stasis hopes Gregory’s involvement with INATBA will allow the team to further help governments to adopt comprehensive regulation around digital assets. -via Stasis

Essays on Expedition, 1🚶‍♂️ Christopher Georgen, the CEO of Topl announced an interesting resolution — he will record his insights and thoughts to blockchain space and the progress of Topl during his travelling and make most use of his travel time. -via Topl

TrueUSD Audit Shows Full US Dollar Backing 🧾 Trusttoken published the result o an audit of TUSD and indicates that the supply of TUSD can be reconciled to transactions within escrow accounts. - via Cointelegraph