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Stable.Report, Aug.13 - Aug.19

Self-Regulatory Advancements To Crypto Market Will Spark Interest From Institutional Investors 📰 According to STASIS CEO and Founder, Gregory Klumov, one of the most pressing issues for institutional investors wanting to participate in the cryptocurrency marketplace is the volatility of digital currencies.

-via Forbes

Union Bank in Liechtenstein to Issue its Own Securities Token in Crypto Industry First, Intends to Become Blockchain based Investment Bank 🏦

The Union Bank security tokens will soon be followed by a stable coin, a fiat back token — perhaps backed by CHF- that is expected to be used for payments. Union Bank AG is a fully licensed and regulated bank based that is primarily offering corporate banking services to companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and the Middle East.

-via CrowdFundInsider

Emerging market turmoil could be breeding ground for stable coins 🌍

As emerging markets have been reeling from the onslaught of their native currencies and bond markets, Local Bitcoin markets have seen a surge in volume. We also might be seeing crypto exchanges being used by the average retail customer as a new way to hedge against their currency’s volatility through USD-pegged stable coins.

-via Brave New Coin

The Quest For The Stable Token, Part 3 🤓

An overview at the diversity in the stablecoin ecosystem, observing that each project has a different way of satisfying investors, which in return reward the projects with more volume. Should this trend continue, we will soon observe a much more balanced crypto market overall.

-via X8

An Interview With IBM Blockchain Global Vice President, Jesse Lund 📺

He gets into Stronghold and Stablecoins at 1:38. Not a big fan of IBM, but always good to hear validation from the corporate giants. Stablecoins are doing it right. 

-via Cheddar

Our Analysis of the MakerDAO Protocol 🙇🏽

A long-form post on Medium by the research team of stablecoin Reserve made the rounds this week. It is an in-depth critical review of MakerDAO. “There are many reasons to be positive on Dai: the stabilization algorithm is well-thought-out, and they have a large and well-capitalized team behind it. In addition, it minimizes the risks to everyday users. However, we believe Dai will ultimately not work. Even if its stabilization algorithm could maintain the peg — which we are skeptical of — there’s a serious risk that it won’t be able to scale.”

-via Reserve Research Team

An interview with MakerDAO CEO, Rune Christensen 🗣

A mainstream interview covering the oh-so-typical three-types of stablecoins, USD inflation, and MakerDAO’s advantage.

-via CCN

MakerDAO and Wyre Give Businesses Immediate Access to Dai Stablecoin in Over Thirty Countries, Including U.S.A. 🤝 Pairing Dai to Wyre’s trading engine and global fiat on-ramps and off-ramps will enable nearly-instant movement of funds across borders. By decreasing the amount of time it takes to clear payments, businesses can increase the number of payment cycles, therefore increasing revenue. Remittance platforms or crypto services can also settle instantly in Dai rather than using international wires which can take up to 48 hours.

-via MakerDAO

Reaching a Compromise on the 20% Principle and the Foundation Proposal 🤷‍♂️ MakerDAO is replacing the controversial 20% Principle (i.e. the hard commitment of 20% of MKR allocated to charity) with a new principle: Serving the underserved; and will also explore the idea of direct Dai distribution as a means of adoption in the future.

-via MakerDAO

An Interview With Bitbay Lead Developer, David Zimbeck 🗣

A great interview about David’s introduction to crypto, what’s going on at BitBay, and of course, some questions on their dynamic peg.

-via CryptoDisrupt

How blockchain reputation management works 👥

A nice presentation on the merits of designing an effective reputation system, called blockchain reputation management. It’s a post to introduce the Bitmessage protocol, an off-chain agency that relays reputation information upon request. 

-via BitBay

BRC Whitepaper: Transparent Yet Private Digital Currency 📑

New whitepaper explains how the BRC protocol strikes a balance between protecting user privacy and satisfying governmental requirements for transparency.

-via SweetBridge

MinexPay Report | Week 7 📑

Numbers on the MinexPay VISA crypto cards and updates on KYC processing.

-via Minex

An Interview with Alchemint Founder, Elva Zhang 🗣

A general overview on the operations of Alchemint, the SAR-B stablecoin and the SDS reserve. 

-via Alchemint

Alchemint bi-weekly report 📑

R&D: SAR-B β is launched on our private chain, testing wallet and issuance. marketing and operations. SDS is now available to check on CoinMarketCap/ Feixiaohao/ MyToken. Marketing: Summary of Reddit’s AMA’s, WeChat’s interview and other media.

-via Alchemint

IDEX (Aurora) Product Update 📑 Platform updates: Upgraded trade dispatching and enhanced charts -via IDEX

Interview with Euros Evans, CEO of 🎙 Talking about etch and how utilizing real-time payments can help make pay day loans a thing of the past.

-via ONWRD

DigixDAO Ongoing Development Proposal for Carbon Vote 2 🙋‍♂

Digix is calling for a second Carbon Vote for the disbursement of USD 20MM from the DigixDAO Crowdsale funds for ongoing development works, including DigixDAO governance platform development completion, technical and infrastructure maintenance, legal and regulatory compliance, operational staffing, marketing and overseas expansion plans.️

-via Digix

StableUSD Mainnet Launch 🚀 Stably successfully launched StableUSD (USDS) on the Ethereum mainnet. 100,000 USDS have been minted for internal testing purposes before the public launch.