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Stable.Report Dec. 24th— Jan. 6th

Updated: May 22, 2019

Stablecoin News of the Week:

End of Year Review: Stablecoin Ecosystem 🤓 CementDAO gives a snapshot of the stablecoin market and ecosystem in 5 beautiful and simple graphs. -via CementDAO

UNICEF France Accepts Dai Donations To Fund Global Bounties 🇺🇳 After officially launching its website, UNICEF France will allow individuals to donate Dai, MakerDAO’s Ethereum-compliant, dollar-pegged stablecoin, to fund “open source explorations of blockchain for social impact.” The Dai donations will be used to create global bounties that will help fund blockchain projects around the world. -via Eth News

Coinbase Exec Leaves Crypto Exchange for TrustToken 🤔 A former senior employee a US crypto exchange Coinbase has left the industry giant to join stablecoin issuer TrustToken as head of compliance, according to the company’s official website on 4th January 2019. Vaishali Mehta, whose LinkedIn profile indicates she served just over a year as senior compliance manager at the major San Francisco-based exchange, reportedly joined TrustToken in December 2018. -via CoinDesk

Paxos Standard Hassling Ethereum Traders Trying to Redeem Stablecoin PAX for Dollars ⚔️ One anonymous trader has run into trouble, while trying to redeem his PAX tokens for fiat currency. This provokes mixed reactions from the crypto community. CCN first reported on the trader, who was asked a plethora of questions by Paxos, when cashing out. Larry Cermak, the head analyst @TheBlock_ was not surprised by this and tweeted that this was going to happen eventually anyway. All regulated stablecoins are obliged to know the source of funds, when it comes to redemption. -via CCN

Facebook update: Developing Crypto Stablecoin Targeting India’s Remittances 🇮🇳 Last week, Facebook finally went public with the announcement (Bloomberg) of their first crypto product — a digital stablecoin pegged to fiat currency — to be used for remittance payments in India. The payments will be enabled on Whatsapp, the messaging platform with over 200 million Indian users. The strategy is compelling: India represents over 10% of the $613 billion global remittances market and lowering transaction costs and frictions while adding currently unbanked users could be a winning real-world use case. As Anthony Pompliano, a cryptocurrency analyst and founder/partner of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, indicates in his twitter post, since Indian government has been fighting crypto, the battle is about to get “very, very interesting.” -via Forbes

Bittrex Kick-Started Stablecoin Market to Support USD Trading, Deposit, and Withdrawals 🎊 On January 3rd, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Bittrex is all set to kick-start a US dollar market for stable USD (USDS) trading. -via Coin Page

Stablecoin Issuers May Need Licenses in Texas, Unlike Most Crypto Startups 👮 According to a memo published last Wednesday by Texas Banking Commissioner Charles CooperStablecoins may qualify as “money” under Texas law, according to updated guidance from the state Department of Banking. -via CoinDesk

Four “Experts” Weigh in on Stablecoins 🤔 In this podcast, Roger Ver and others reflect on 2018 and a look ahead to 2019 and what’s in store for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies; one thing they all agreec on is that stablecoins, love them or hate them, are here to stay. -via

Project Updates:

Singapore Crypto Exchange Switcheo Announce SDUSD Stablecoin Support 🤝 The Singapore crypto exchange Switcheo has announced over the holiday period that it now supports the Alchemint launched SDUSD stablecoin. Switcheo Exchange made the announcement that the NEO/SDUSD pairing will be available on the platform from December 27 onwards as the stablecoin makes its debut across the crypto markets. -via CCN

Regarding Bitforex Delisting SDS 😧 According to Alchemint’s post, Bitforex will delist SDS on January 7th. Although the rational behind this “breakup” is not mentioned in this post, Alchemint implies ‘during the cooperation, problems always happen to make two parties cooperate harder.’ SDS token holders on Bitforex are reminded to withdraw SDS from Bitforex to other exchanges. -via Alchemint

Use SDUSD to Purchase NEO DevCon Ticket 🎟 Alchemint has a special offer for NEO DevCon tickets. -via Alchemint

2018 Annual Report 🙇 A visual review of Alchemint’s achievements this year. -via Alchemint

Fragments to Ampleforth: Thoughts Behind the Name Change Co-founder Evan Kuo reposted the rebranding announcement. -via Ampleforth

Bridging the Gap Between Fiat and Cryptocurrency 🛠 Aryze’s CEO Jack Nikogosian and CFO Morten Nielson were interviewed by Coin Rivet. The interview highlights the core value of decentralised system — “Aryze uses distributed ledger technology to move the ownership of value, which reduces the number of intermediaries and therefore cost and time for processing payments”. -via Coin Rivet

How to Make Stronger Business Contracts with Decentralized Escrow 🤝 Brief explainer of what escrows are, and an invitation to experience the security of decentralized escrows with BitBay’s Double Deposit Escrow. -via BitBay

Is Cryptocurrency Money? 📖 The BitBay team continues its mission to explain cryptocurrency in plain English. The essence of its first post in 2019 is to explore if cryptocurrency is considered “money”. To come up with an answer, BitBay examines if cryptocurrency performs three functions that money performs: MoE, SoV and UoA. -via BitBay

What’s Ahead for Crypto: Thoughts From Naval Ravikant & Sep Kamvar 🎙 On the last day of 2018, Celo published a post summarizing ‘a fireside chat’ hosted by Celo with thought leaders Naval Ravikant and Sep Kamvar. The post highlights four takeaways on the shadow financial system, digital scarcity, five features of money and fairer distribution. -via Celo

Circle 2018 Accomplishments and 2019 Themes 💪 Circle’s USDC grew nearly 10% a week in 2018 and witnesses over $500 million on-chain transfers a week. Co-founders, Sean Neville and Jeremy Allaire, believe that, at the present growth rate, USDC will be the most valued stablecoin in 2019. -via Circle

Stable Coin Review — Tether (USDT) 🧐 CP Processors’ 5th review on its ongoing review series of the most notable and active stablecoins to day. -via CP Processor TEAM

COTI 2018 in Review 📋 A look back at some of our major achievements, from product iteration to team formation, press coverage and and upcoming developments for 2019. -via COTI

Cred Weekly Report 12.23–12.29 📋 Cred’s weekly report reviews the developments (e.g. CredX, loan concierge), partnerships (e.g. Cred + PwC), alliances (e.g. Universal Protocol Alliance) and exchange listings in 2018, with a brief outlook towards 2019. -via Cred

Digix Dev Update 2nd Jan 2019 — Wrapping Up Promotional Campaigns🔬 A new page called “DIGIXDEALS” has been launched to post ongoing promotions and exclusive deals.  -via Digix

Etch: End of Year Review 📋 Etch team published a post to review its 2018 milestones and goals for 2019: from tests and pilots to exploring income streaming use cases and designing dApps for the digitally challenged and 3rd party vendors. -via Euros Evans

Gemini’s 2018 Year in Review 📋 Co-founder Tyler Winklevoss shared Gemini’s 2018 milestones with readers: First cryptocurrency marketplace to employ market surveillance technology; secured insurance coverage for the cryptocurrency; helped spearhead and joined the Visual Commodity Association (a group of establishing industry-sponsored, self-regulatory organisation to oversee virtual commodity marketplaces); launched a fully electronic block trading facility and the first regulated stablecoin (GUSD) and extended Gemini’s platform to mobile. -via Gemini

How Can the GLX Benefit NGOs and International Organizations? 😇 In its first post of 2019, GLX starts with its most globally important use case: act as a medium of donation for non-governmental organizations and other non-profit organizations. -via

Block Principles by LBX 👨‍✈️ LBX published its 2018 Yearly Market Report, divided in quadrimesters. -via LBX, The London Block Exchange

Website Overhaul 📲 Moneytoken’s main website got a thorough makeover for the holidays.  -via MoneyToken

Regulation in the Crypto World, Part I: Leading the Way Into the Light 🛡Paxos published an article to respond to the above controversial issue. -via Paxos

December Update 📈 Quintric released a gold certificate note, backed by gold that can be seen on a live-stream that is set to launch next year. -via Quintric

Republia Group Merges With PaxNet 🤝 PaxNet is one of the leading companies in the Korean market, with 6.5 million users and a media group that has up to 12 million television connections. The joint venture, PaxChain, will focus on developing products for the Asian and European markets. -via Republia

USDS Stablecoin Launches on Bittrex 🎉 The first exchange listing USDS is Bittrex and users can already start depositing USDS tokens and begin trading. -via Stably, Inc.

A Visit From St. Stronghold ☃ Stronghold delivers end-of-year updates through a funny poem, covering a Christmas airdrop, their OTC brokerage and platform API. -via Stronghold

Xank, the Unstable “Stablecoin” ✍ In this story, Xank dubbs itself the Unstable “Stablecoin”. Paradoxical, you say?  -via

Xank Constitution: Embedding Meritocratic Values into a Decentralized Network ✍ This post examines how the Xank Constitution incentivizes the right mix of people to participate and grow the network. -via

Listen to the XOV vision with the CryptoWendy podcast 🎙 XOV CEO, David Alexander-Knowles, will discuss the future of the XOV project in a podcast with CryptoWend on January 21st. -via XOV