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Stable.Report, Feb. 10th — Feb. 17th

Updated: May 22, 2019

Stablecoin News of the Week:

PwC & Loopring: Stablecoin Report 🤓 A comprehensive and thorough 29-page overview of stablecoins, with a particular focus on use cases, usage, and the regulatory considerations facing compliant fiat-backed models. It also presents a ‘Trust Framework’ for fiat-backed coins.

JPMorgan Jumps on the Stablecoin Bland-Wagon 🏦 More than five years after filing a patent for a “new paradigm for effectuating electronic payments”, JPMorgan appears to have launched… a stablecoin. Imaginatively titled “JPM Coin”, the digital currency will be tied to the dollar, and is designed for the bank’s institutional customers, who apparently will be able to use it to make instant payments among themselves. -via FT

Cryptomarket is Maturing: The Blue Ocean of Stablecoins 📈 Stablecoins are helping to usher a new era of monetary innovation and encouraging established institutions to re-examine the nature and possibilities around one of the oldest institutions, money, and its role in the financial system. -via Anton Agafonov

Another Megabank Moves Forward With its Stablecoin, Alipay Joins Race 🇯🇵🤝🇨🇳 Japan’s stablecoin race is heating up — with one of the biggest banks in the country and the world announcing it has struck a deal with Alipay, the financial arm of Chinese business giant Alibaba. The Mizuho Financial Group, operator of Japan’s second largest (and one of the top 20 largest banks in the world) bank — Mizuho Bank — says it has developed a smartphone app that will allow customers to pay at a wide range of Japanese stores using its forthcoming J Coin token. The stablecoin is slated to be unveiled next month. Alipay, for its part, is said to be keen to increase the overseas reach of its services, and will soon allow customers to pay for goods in Japan via QR code-powered J Coin transactions. -via CryptoNews

Yen-Backed Stablecoin GYEN Announced by Japan’s GMO Internet 🇯🇵 The news was made official during an earnings presentation where the CEO Masatoshi Kumagai and the CFO of the firm, Masashi Yasuda, were present. The company stated that they were indeed planning to launch the GYEN stablecoin in the near future — and it will also be introduced for the overseas markets. GMO had expressed their desire to create a stablecoin last year. -via Crypto Ground

Chainalysis Raises $30 Million, Cites Growth of ‘Stablecoins’ 🕵️ Chainalysis made a name for itself by helping law enforcement track criminals’ use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. More recently, as crypto moved into the mainstream, the New York-based firm has developed a second line of business helping financial and investment firms stay on the right side of regulators. On Tuesday, Chainalysis announced it has raised a $30 million Series B round led by Accel that will help it expand its operations, including its “Know Your Transaction” product that currently helps more than 100 financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges vet their customers. -via Forbes

Project Update:

The Digitalization of Money is a Question of Trust ☕ The ARYZE team sat down with the Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies for an intellectual discussion on the digitalization of money and how trust in centralized institutions is gradually shifting. This is an elaboration of the topics covered during the session. -via ARYZE

Become an ARYZE Community Ambassador 🤓 ARYZE introduced a community ambassador scheme for individuals that are passionate about improving the financial ecosystems of the world to promote financial inclusion, building solutions on the money of the future, and reduce transaction fees. Learn how to join here. -via ARYZE

See you at NEO DEVCON 2019 🇺🇸 Coming to Seattle on February 16 and 17, NEO DevCon 2019 is a forward-looking premium summit for developers, showcasing various decentralized applications and top contributors in the ecosystem. Alchemint CTO Chris Qi will attend and make a presentation about “Stablecoin: The Infrastructure of Decentralized Economy”. Its the first time Alchemint lands on North America to make a presentation. -via Alchemint

AMA with Shahaf Bar-Geffen and Dr. Nir Haloani hosted by Ian Balina 📹 In case you missed the Live AMA hosted by Ian Balina, the COTI team shared the transcript and video here. -via COTI

Weekly Tech Roundup From the COTI R&D team 📄 Following the successful release of their TestNet and the code behind the Trustchain protocol on GitHub, COTI has begun the process that will lead up to the creation of the main net. This weekly tech round up details their findings. -via COTI

Meet Trong — Lead Developer at Constant 👋 A brief profile of Constant’s lead developer and explanation of their smart contract code. Oher members of the tech team will be introduced regularly and share other aspects of the technology that drives Constant.  -via Constant

Cold Storage, Keys & Crypto: How Gemini Keeps Assets Safe 📈 People have many choices when it comes to storing their crypto assets, from self-custody options like a hardware or software wallet, to regulated and unregulated exchanges. The Gemini team believes that for most investors, storing their cryptocurrency on a regulated and secured crypto exchange and qualified custodian is the right approach. They detail their reasons in this post. -via Gemini

GLX stablecoin Listed on Instant Bitex 🎉 The GLX stablecoin has been listed on InstantBitex, UK’s well-known crypto exchange with more than 100k users. This is GLX’s second Exchange after a successful listing on Lykke. -via

HelloGold Foundation Update #20– 12th February 2019 🍾 The HelloGold team shares the highlights of 2019, kicking off with promising figures regarding customer acquisition. The HelloGold app is now live in Thailand and Tiered KYC has been enabled to allow users to try the app and buy gold faster. -via HelloGold

Huobi’s 2.0 ‘Stablecoin for Stablecoins’ Aims to Close Arbitrage Loophole 🤓 HUSD Solution V2.0 now removes the fixed 1:1 exchange rate, basing the values between stablecoins not only on pricing but also on various other factors. For example, the underlying stablecoin price is now set by data obtained from various mainstream exchanges. Additionally, “users have to designate the time and amount independently to interchange stablecoins, going from an automatic exchange to a manual one.” -via Bitconist

STOs vs IPOs 🔖 While 2017 and 2018 saw the rapid rise and fall of the ICO (Initial Coin Offering), 2019 and beyond may prove to be the era of a newer funding model — the STO (Security Token Offering). In this article, Jibrel team takes a brief look at STOs and how they differ from the traditional IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) in terms of regulation, landscape and outlook in the United States. -via Jibrel

Kinesis Adds Tether as a Payment Option 😲 Kinesis announced that it will now be accepting Tether (USDT) as a form of payment for Kinesis Velocity Tokens. KVT holders are exclusively granted a 20% proportional share of all transaction fees generated by the system. -via Kinesis Money

Stablecoins: Strengths & Weaknesses 🍶 Continuing its series, MakerDAO compares strengths and weaknesses of stablecoins by collateralisation types: (1) fiat-collateralised, (2) crypto-collateralised and (3) non-collateralised in this week’s post. -via MakerDAO

MakerDAO 2018 Revenue Analysis 🤓 Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) don’t publish financial statements because the data is already out there, available for everyone to review and audit if necessary. But very few people go through the trouble of parsing and reviewing gigabytes of data. This blog post attempts to publish a basic 2018 revenue statement for MakerDAO. -via Marc-André Dumas

The Need for Many Stablecoins and a Metastable Basket 😲 There’s no doubt that the crypto-verse, and internet as a whole, has been buzzing about stablecoins and their role in the future of digital currency. In fact, since 2014, over $350mm in funding has gone into backing north of 60 stablecoin-specific projects across the world. In this post, Neutral explains why we need a metastable basket for stablecoins. -via Neutral

Orocrypt Coin Enters p2pb2b Exchange 💰 Cryptocurrencies backed by precious metals are raising more interest among the crypto-community lately. p2pb2b announced that another gold-backed coin, Orocrypt, has recently joined the exchange. -via p2pb2b

Republia Bounty Campaign is Finished! 🦑 Republia team announced the end of the bounty campaign. The team was very pleased with the results and wanted to thank every campaigner for completing tasks and promoting Republia project. 3,000,000 RPB coins were distributed during the bounty campaign. -via Republia

Rushing for Gold 💰 SendGold’s Gold Rush game merges investment, payments, and gameplay. During the holiday period, dozens of Australians in cities and towns around the country went running around their local parks, finding bars of gold using just their mobile phones. They were playing “Gold Rush by SendGold”. -via SendGold

Stably Listing Several Stablecoin Pairs on Binance 👏 Stably announced the launch of several stablecoin trading pairs with their stablecoin, StableUSD (USDS), pairings include USDT, USDC, PAX, and TUSD. -via Stably

Last Chance to Benefit From USDX Bonus Program🤙 USDX announced that this week is the last one for their bonus program. You have time until Monday (February 25) to benefit from three bonuses currently running: 1) 35% back of your first USDX purchase; 2) Invite friends and get 25% back of their first purchase; 3) Get 10% more tokens for your second and all subsequent purchases. More details explained here. -via USDX Wallet

XOV Post update!📄 As part of the exchange strategy for the XOV Ethereum token, XOV is announcing that the XOV token will be listed on the ABCC Exchange from 15:00 GMT on 18 February 2019. Read the full press release here. -via XOV