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Stable.Report, Feb. 17th — Feb. 25th

Updated: May 22, 2019

Stablecoin News of the Week:

Introducing: 2019 State of Stablecoins 🤓 The 2019 report builds on its predecessor to provide an updated and expanded look at the current state of the stablecoin market. Refreshed data and analysis reflect the substantial changes observed over the last six months; it also provides an overview of how to gain investment exposure to the growing use of stablecoins. -via

New Report Examines the Historical Failure of Currencies and the Need for Stable, Digital Money 🤓 A new report analyzes the historical issues of traditional (fiat) currencies and how they’ve led to the rise of stablecoins, working to separate the hype from the reality when it comes to the role they will play in combating the impact of inflation. The report is based on data collected from 40 cryptocurrency and stablecoin companies, and was prepared by George Samman, a third-party blockchain and cryptocurrency industry veteran. The independent report was presented by a consortium of companies in the cryptocurrency and stablecoin markets including Reserve, Arrington XRP Capital, Blocktower, AmaZix, and Brave New Coin (BNC). -via Reserve Research

The Future of Stablecoins 📺 The Stanford Blockchain Club hosted Reserve Protocol’s CTP, TrustToken’s Head of Engineering and Product, and MakerDAO’s head of PR for a conversation on the future of stablecoins. -via Reserve

Stablecoins Could Unleash Wall Street Adoption Of Blockchain Technology 🗞 Stablecoins’ growing prominence suggests a shift in the crypto market — one that is free from the historical volatility of cryptocurrencies, and, many believe, the path to mainstream adoption in the traditional finance world. The report mentions FACTOR-805, a new condominium and retail construction financing near completion, the first of its kind in the United States to incorporate a stablecoin into a transaction. -via Forbes

Project Updates:

Alchemint NEO DevCon 2019 Recap 📺 Alchemint CTO Chris Qi attended and presented on the topic “Stablecoin, the Infrastructure of Blockchain”, check out a recap of that presentation here, as well as an interview by NEONewsToday on Alchemint’s future plans and his opinion about JPM Coin. -via Alchemint

Last Call to Swap for CorionX Tokens 📣 You can swap Corion Coin and Corion Premium Tokens for CorionX tokens until March 15th. Learn here about the Corion platform, its respective tokens and potential value, as well as how to swap them. -via Corion Foundation

Meet Scott Purcell — CEO of Prime Trust 🕴 In this guest post, Scott Purcell explains how Prime Trust protects Constant’s USD reserve through a Trust, and how this operates behind the scenes with smart contracts. -via Constant

CredEarn Available In The US 🎊 For the first time, United States residents in 28 states will have the ability to borrow against their crypto and earn up to a 10% APR on their digital assets — BTC, XRP, ETH, even US Dollars, Euros and Gold. Customers from 117 countries have already signed up for CredEarn and Uphold’s user base has been the first to benefit. -via Cred

CredEarn Introduces Higher Rates and Special Benefits to LBA holders 💹 It was a big week for CredEarn and Uphold customers, after the project opened Cred earning and borrowing to 28 US States, and raised interest rates for LBA holders. Learn here how it all works and how to participate. -via Cred

Jwallet: Setting-up Your Wallet 👛 This “How-to” guide provides a step-by-step guide on setting up your Jwallet. -via Jibrel

LAPO Launched a New Version of its Whitepaper 📑 LAPO began its journey at the end of 2017, many things have changed, new regulations have emerged, and the world of cryptocurrencies has continued its maturation process, evolving every day. Main improvements: Stability Mechanism, LAPOX stability token, and going from PoW to PoS. LAPO’s iOS app is is now undergoing beta testing and they would like your feedback. -via LAPO

MakerDAO Updates White Paper 📑 -via MakerDAO

Low Interest Loan Week — APR at 6% 💹 From 21th to 28th February, all MoneyToken customers will be able to use their crypto assets and take out a loan at 6% annual interest rates (6% APR). -via MoneyToken

Noku Announces Partnership with Yoti for Noku Platform KYC 🤝 The Noku TokenRaise needs to verify the identity of all of their users, including organisations and investors. Yoti will help to streamline and simplify part of this process. Here is a tutorial on how to get KYC‘d. -via Noku

Alprockz AG Partners with Futurae Technologies 🤝 Futurae Technologies, a leader in user-centric, secure Authentication as a Service (AaaS), has been selected by Alprockz AG to provide a seamless and secure log in experience for ROCKZ platform users. -via ROCKZ

Birth of Crypto Spring 🌤 For SmartValor, Crypto Winter is coming to an end as they prepare to launch their platform after initial feedback and audit. You are invited to join their closed beta launch in March. This post also provides updates on fundraising, some thought leadership and future events. -via SmartValor

Introducing the New Terra Protocol 🙇 Terra’s mainnet launch is around the corner, this post is a short teaser of their updated white paper, and their main motivations to build the product: global e-commerce alliance; independet PoS blockchain, miner rewards to absorb volatility; transparency and growth-driven fiscal spending. -via TerraMoney