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Stable.Report, Feb 25th. - March 3rd

Stablecoin News Of The Week:

Unconfirmed: Circle Seeks $250M in Funding 💸 Goldman Sachs-backed cryptocurrency finance firm Circle is reportedly looking to raise $250 million of funding in a combination of equity and debt.  -via Cointelegraph

Binance Research: JPM Coin Unlikely to Directly Compete With Ripple’s XRP, for Now 🤔 The research arm of top crypto exchange Binance has published an analysis of JPMorgan Chase’s newly announced stablecoin, arguing it brings “minimal direct competition” to Ripple’s XRP token in the near term.  -via Cointelegraph

New York Times: Facebook Reportedly Shopping ‘Facebook Coin’ to Crypto Exchanges 🚩 Facebook is “hoping to succeed where Bitcoin failed” with its highly secretive cryptocurrency project. Citing multiple anonymous sources, a New York Times article reports it aims to integrate cryptocurrency payments into its messaging services. via New York Times

Real Estate Security Token “Factor-805” Released, Brings DAI to Digital Securities 🏘 DAI is breaking into the security token market with FACTOR-805, the first real-world asset to be tokenized in a hybrid of DAI and fiat. It’s commonly been said that the security token sector will first impact the real estate space. -via the Tokenist

Project Updates:

Alchemint Monthly Progress Report (Feb. 2019)🔖 Growth in SNEO Collateralized and mortgage rates keeping SDUSD’s price stable. -via Alchemint

Celo Team Updates | February 2019 📅 Celo’s February highlights includes a workshop on crypto arbitrage trading at MIT and an upcoming event on evolving legal perspectives and women in blockchain. -via Celo

When Microseconds Matter: Powering Gemini for High-Speed Performance 🔨 Recent enhancements equip Gemini with a fast, trusted, and resilient framework for meeting the exacting demands of international financial markets. In this post, the team explains how it improved the transaction speed at a microsecond level. -via Gemini

Jibrel: February Update 📑 Over the past few months Jibrel team revised its overall direction. This post highlights the progress made in February, as well as the overall strategy Jibrel will implement as its core focus going forward. -via Jibrel

New Advisory Board Member & Growing interest in the UAE 🤝 Kinesis team announced a new addition to its advisory board — Sheikh Mohamed Al Qasimi, an influential member of the Al-Qasimi royal family that rules over the Emirates with diverse economic and financial interests. -via Kinesis Money

Postmortem: Oasis Contract Upgrade ⚒ After a vulnerability was found, the Oasis team initiated a contract migration process on article gives fascinating detail about the vulnerabilities in the Maker mechanics and briefly describes how the new Oasis contract matching engine works. -via MakerDAO Blog

Making Maker: February 2019 🔖 After a proposal was placed into the voting structure to raise the Dai Stability Fee by 0.5%, for a rate of 1%, another was introduced later in the month for an increased rate of 1.5%. Key factors are: high inventory levels, exchange rate persists below $1, and no attributable impact from the previous stability fee increase. Notably, all decisions were collectively made in a decentralized manner by the Maker governance (MKR holders). -via MarkerDAO

Update: The Maker Foundation Interim Risk team is now polling support for a 3.5% rate.

People + xDai + Burner Wallet = Portable Giving 🔥 A good crypto conference is a magical thing and gathering to ‘do crypto’ for 36 hours certainly sounds like one, especially to learn and use xDai Burner Wallet. -via MarkerDAO

MakerDAO at the Mexico Freedom Forum February 26th 🎙 MakerDAO is participating in The Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF), an event that brings together a diverse community of leaders to share their stories and brainstorm ways to expand freedom and unleash human potential across the globe.  -via MarkerDAO

Follow Up on Huobi’s HUSD v2.0 Solution 📈 In this post, Neutral project investigates into HUSD v2.0 solution, exploring stablecoin outflow and inflow activities of HUSD 1.0 version and HUSD 2.0. It is difficult to conclude whether Huobi’s version 2.0 of HUSD can avoid another big loss or be profitable, and this report digs into the difficult questions. -via Neutral

How to send a transaction on Noku Platform 👩‍💻 In this post, Noku team uses a video to educate its users on sending/receiving tokens, checking transaction status and fees. Learn more to try their web wallet here. -via Noku

January & February Update 📑 Progress is continuing at Quintric and on track to meet various goals by the target dates. A live-stream is expected to be done around the end of March. -via Quintric

State of the Terra Alliance 🤔 A great post providing a granular look at the thought processes powering Terra’s business development operations, e-commerce alliance and potential white-labeling. -via Terra

StableUSD Usecases 🤓 Stably team describes some of the stablecoin use cases. -via Stably

The truth behind the XLM and XRP markets on Stronghold. 📚 A breakdown of how Stronghold categorizes their trading pairs and support them, from co-founder an CTO Sean Bennett. -via Stronghold

Synthethix New Blog 👏 Synthetix (formerly Havven) blog has a new home: -via Synthetix

The Tokenized Truth — Pros & Cons of Security Tokens 🤓 In this post, Smart Valor explores the pros and cons of security tokens.  -via SmartValor

February 2019 Update 📃 Following up on the launch of FairFood and Verstegen’s nutmeg supply chain, benefiting over two dozen Indonesian farmers, Topl team begin work this week on the second and third projects powered by the Topl blockchain.  -via Topl Blog

Pre-Launch: USDX Wallet App On ProductHunt 🎉 USDX Wallet is raising support to launch the USDX Wallet app on ProductHunt. -via USDX

Xank February Review 📑 The team announced the Xank token will be ready by mid-March. -via Xank

XOV partners with Infinito Wallet in DApp integration deal 🤝 XOV has partnered with Infinito Wallet in a two phase integration deal that provides XOV services to Infinito Wallet customers around the world.  -via XOV