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Stable.Report, Mar. 25th — Mar.31st

Updated: May 22, 2019

Stablecoin News Of The Week:

OKEx Founder Reveals Partnership With US Trust Firm, Plans to Launch Stablecoin 🤝 On March 28th, Star Xu, the founder of OKEx, announced OK Group’s partnership with Prime Trust in order to allow OKEx to launch its compliant stablecoin, OKUSD, which will run on the OKChain blockchain and most likely will be USD-pegged. -via Cointelegraph

Russian Billionaire To Create Palladium-Backed Stablecoin 🇷🇺 Expanding the list of commodities pegged to digital currencies, Russian oligarch and the CEO of the world’s largest palladium producer — Nornickel, Vladimir Potain is looking to develop his own pegged-coin backed by palladium by the end of 2019.  -via the Tokenist

Huobi’s HBUS to Launch Lending, OTC Trading and Stablecoin for Institutional Crypto Investors 🏦 Huobi US announced the creation of a new team, led by Katelyn Mew, to develop solutions for institutional investors. An interesting prospect raised by the press release was the creation of a Huobi Stablecoin -although the report does not affirm that this will indeed happen. -via Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Project Updates:

MEET.ONE Mobile EOS Wallet Integrates Carbon Fiber’s Fiat On / Off Ramp ㊗️ On March 28th, MEET.ONE integrated Carbon’s new modular fiat on/off ramp, Carbon Fiber. This partnership allows MEET.ONE users the ability to send and receive CUSD and redeem them directly in the wallet. -via Carbon

Cred Now Offers 8% Interest on Stablecoin TrueUSD (TUSD) 👏 On March 26th, Cred partnered with TrustToken to offer 8% interest when the token is stored on Cred. Cred offers a crypto custodian insurance policy of up to $100 million through BitGo and will pay out the interest in TUSD quarterly with the option to auto-renew. TUSD is also available as a collateral and repayment option on Nexo crypto-backed loan platform. -via Sludge Feed

The UAE Debt Market is Exploding 🇦🇪 Jibrel recently partnered with Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and Al Hilal Bank to build the next generation of compliant Sukuk bond transactions. This piece shows some nice stats on the total international Sukuk issuances, which hit an all time high in 2017 at $37.6 billion, the highest value recorded since the inception of the Sukuk market.  -via Jibrel

Ujo Music Launches Streaming Payments Platform Using DAI in Conjunction with Connext 🎼 On March 28th, Ujo Music, an Etherum based music software announced that their steaming portal now accept Dai for payment. Using the Connext Payment System also ensures that the process costs a lot less as the fees charged for every transaction is significantly minimized. -via Bitcoin Exchange Guide

$5 Million in MakerDAO Loans Have Been Liquidated, But Help Is on the Way 🤔 Roughly 37,000 ETH — over $5 million — has been lost due to the liquidation penalty fee at MarkerDAO. A new application called Keydonix was recently launched to close CDPs with “one button”, so users who could be liquidated are able to pay back DAI debt more quickly. -via Coindesk

The Paxos Approach to Core Values — and Why it Matters 🎍 Paxos announced the four principles in their values that guide their business: (1) Search for the Truth; (2) Shared Commitment to Excellence; (3) Real-Time Candor; (4) Be an Owner. -via Paxos

GETS partners with SendGold to Provide Support to Small Businesses Across the US 🥂 Global Exchange Trading ( is a P2P mutual credit clearing platform, monetizing unsold inventory of small businesses to improve their cash flow. A distribution partnership was signed with SendGold to embed instant gold transactions in their next phase of expansion. -via SendGold

Stronghold USD Now Powering Payments and Foreign Exchange in 70+ Countries 🎉 Stronghold USD team announced that Stronghold USD is the first U.S. dollar settlement vehicle on the IBM Blockchain World Wire, a real-time global payments network for regulated financial institutions announced early in March. -via Stronghold

March Update 📑 In this monthly update, Quintric announced a new partnership with CJC — Live, an online video platform that incentivizes consumers and content creators with metal-backed assets. -via Quintric