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Stable.Report, Mar. 3rd - Mar. 10th

Updated: May 22, 2019

Stablecoin News Of The Week:

California Lawmakers Introduce Bill 953 To Use Stablecoins For Cannabis Payments 💨🤔 Lawmakers introduced Bill 953 on February 21 and under the bill, cannabis-related businesses will be able to use stablecoins to pay taxes and other fees. -via Bitcoin Exchange Guide

JP Morgan’s Stablecoin: A Feat of Engineering or Marketing? 🏦 A good article to understand the primary objective and the benefit of JP Morgan’s stablecoin and whether all the excitement is justified. -via Coindesk

Japanese Banks Unite to Launch DLT Finance Platform Services 🇯🇵 Bank of Iwate, Bank of Yokohama, Aomori Bank, Akita Bank and Yamanashi Chuo Bank will work together on the platform, dubbed “Fitting Hub.” The first service available on the platform — electronic delivery service — should launch in April.  -via Cointelegraph

Regarding Facebook’s Cryptocurrency 🤓 A skeptical rant/analysis of Facebook’s rumored and upcoming stablecoin. The author is doubtful it will succeed, citing previous efforts by the firm such as Facebook Credits and Gifts — both of which failed due to lack of adoption. -via TechCrunch

Project Updates:

The Future of Stablecoins — Mo’ Moneys, Mo’ Problems 🔨 This is Part 1 in a four-part series in which CementDAO’s CEO, Edan Yago, will explore the market for stablecoin issuers, its trend towards fragmentation and how unification can develop to improve mass adoption. Part 1 dispels the idea that stablecoins are a winner take all model and explains why there is a market gap to be filled by an Aggregator-Distributor (AD). -via CementDAO

PAY360 Conference in London to Feature Morten Nielsen of ARYZE 🗣 Morten Nielsen, ARYZE CFO, to speak at PAY360 in London on the 14th of March, 2019. -via ARYZE

ARYZE Presents at Copenhagen Fintech Lab 📹 Carl Jenster, ARYZE co-founder, pitched ARYZE to Wharton MBA students and presented Denmark as a great breeding ground for innovative products. -via ARYZE

Carbon Launches OTC Service for CUSD Trading Pairs 👏 Carbon launched an OTC service to facilitate CUSD trading pairs between BTC, ETH, and EOS; on Ethereum and EOS exchanges. There is a minimum initial requirement of $10k per trade. -via Carbon

How We Can Offer 60x Your Bank’s Savings Rate 😲 In this post, Constant states that their interests rate are at 6% APR (for term interests) and at 2.2% APR (for flexible interests), by passing on efficiency savings to its customers. -via Constant

Cred Adds BitGo As Custody Partner 🤝 Cred’s LBA token is now supported by BitGo — the two organizations are part of the Universal Protocol Alliance. -via Cred

The Global Potential for COTI to Optimize Remittance Services ⚒ A post explaining how the COTI Trustchain can serve the remittance market and solve the challenges that make it costly, time-consuming and complex.  -via COTI

An Interview With Jude Regev, CEO of Element Zero Network 🗣 “Our idea is to build a way of payment that keeps the purchasing power in the hands of consumers; there’s too much suffering because of inflation.” — Jude Regev -via Thrive Global

5 Potential Catalysts for the Next Bull Market 📈 Here are 5 potential catalysts that may spark (or already have sparked) the beginning of the next crypto bull market: 1) Product launches; 2) build out of supporting crypto infrastructure; 3) the rise of stablecoins; 4) institutional investment; 5) market awareness. -via Jibrel

Kinesis announce new appointments to Advisory Committee 🎉 Kinesis announced the appointment of Sergio Fernandez de Cordova and Francisco de Borbon to its advisory committee. Fernandez de Cordova is co-founder of the Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development at the United Nations and De Borbon is co-founder of the Elysium City project. -via Kinesis Money

We Simplify Cryptocurrency -Project Update #6 🔨 The LAPO team continues moving forward, take a look at this summary of good news! -via LAPO

MakerDAO Raises the Stability Fee to 3.5% 📈 “There seemed to be a tremendous support for that decision. Within 24 hours, we saw over 40,000 MKR in support…We saw 9 MKR staked in opposition,” Richard Brown, head of community development at the MakerDAO Foundation, said -via CoinDesk

MakerDAO Focuses on Korea 🇰🇷 The National Relayer Campaign is a community-driven effort involving twelve korean relayers (exchanges, incubators and VCs) that will introduce Korean projects to Maker for integration and fundraising. Meet the 12 relayers here. -via MakerDAO

Visualizing Metastability 📊 Financial theory highlights that an aggregate product can have lower volatility than any individual constituent. In this post, the Neutral Project showcases this visually in the context of Neutral Dollar, and assesses the stability of their token across various metrics. -via Neutral

Join Paxos at Token2049 (10% Off Code Inside!) 🎟 The Paxos team is sponsoring Token2049 where CEO Chad Cascarilla will be giving a keynote and the team will showcase the Paxos Standard (PAX)stablecoin. Get the code here. -via Paxos

TrustToken Introduces Real-Time Confirmation of Funds and 1-Click Redemptions for TrueUSD ⚒ Through a new partnership with Armanino, a top 25 independent accounting firm, TrueUSD traders will be able to view a real-time dashboard of TrueUSD funds, advancing transparency from months to minutes. TrustToken has lowered the minimum TrueUSD purchase and redemption amount to $1,000 and launched a unique 1-click redemption process. -via TrustToken

Real-Time Reserve Balance and Automatic 1-Step Redemption for USDS ⚒ Stably set the standard for transparency in the stablecoin industry by providing a real-time reserve balance of StableUSD via a dashboard available for anyone on the StableUSD platform. Stably also announced an automatic 1-step redemption process for USDS, with the lowest minimum redemption amount on the market for this process: $50. -via Stably

SendGold App is Live in the app stores 📲 Take a Look at the New SendGold App!  -via SendGold

Month in Review: February 🔖 The Stasis team provides some thoughts on the digital asset landscape and provide an overview of the biggest announcement from the past month, such as new listings on Kyber, Aximetria and SWFT. -via STASIS

Monetary policy changes begin on March 13! ❗ Last month, changes to the Synthetix monetary policy were announced. These changes will be implemented on March 13th (PST), exactly one year since the release of the SNX (then HAV) token. Learn more here. -via Synthetix Blog

The Universal Dollar Has Arrived 💸 The Universal Protocol Alliance’s Universal Dollar (UPUSD) is a fiat-backed, USD-pegged stablecoin whose holders will earn interest, just like a regular savings account. Learn more here about UPUSD and how to buy it on Uphold today. -via Universal Protocol

Big USDX Wallet App Update 🔨 USDX in this post introduces 5 new features of its Version 1.18 App.  -via USDX Wallet

Introducing Taguchi San 🎉 Xank introduces a new member to its advisory board — Mr. Taguchi Yoshitaka, or Taguchi. Taguchi San worked at JSPMI (Japan Society for Promotion of Manufacturing Industry) Technical Research Institute under METI (Ministry of Economy and Trade Industry). -via