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Stablecoin News Summary Jul.9 — Jul.15

TrustToken opens its dollar-backed cryptocurrency to accredited investors 💰

TrustToken (thefirst public investment from a16z crypto) is now looking for public investments from accredited investors on CoinList. Other investors in TrustToken’s initial $20 million pre-sale include BlockTower Capital, Danhua Capital, GGV Capital, Jump Capital and other undisclosed investors.

-via TechCrunch, for more: CoinDesk

Green World To Create Taiwanese Dollar Backed Stablecoin 🇹🇼

A Taiwanese technology company, Green World Fintech Service, announced that it will be introducing a new Stablecoin that will be pegged to the Taiwanese Dollar. This currency will be named the Taiwan Digital Token (TWDT). There will be ‘trusted bank accounts’ created that will require the user of TWDT to verify their personal information before the transaction can take place.

-via CoinFrenzy

CryptoMondays SF — Stability In The Crypto Ecosystem 📺

Panelists: Phil Glazer, Crypto Research at Bitwise Asset Management; Kory Hoang, CEO of Stably Blockchain Labs; and Brandon Iles, Co-Founder of Fragments


The End of a Stablecoin — The Case of NuBits 👓

NuBits, a stablecoin first introduced in 2014, provides an illuminating case study for how stablecoins work in practice. In this post we see how NuBits’ first crash shows how Bitcoin volatility (and more generally, crypto volatility) affects stablecoin demand; and how NuBits’ second crash was a consequence of its improper reserve diversification.

-via Reserve Research Team

Stablecoin leaders comment on price volatility and bear market 🗣

Commentary on the stablecoin space by Danny An, CEO of TrustToken; Scott Nelson, CEO of Sweetbridge; and Eiland Glover, CEO of Kowala.

-via HodlItBro

“What, me worry?” (Should we Fear Fedcoin?)📄

A continuation of an earlier post by the same author, “General Misconceptions About Stablecoins”, and why it will take longer than people think for the Fed to issue a cryptocurrency, given the nature of both the Fed and the American system.

-via Sam Trautwein

Results from Deconet’s Global Blockchain Hackathon 🎖

The winner of the MakerDAO challenge is Makerfolio. The winner of the Havven challenge is Rockets

AAA Reserve is 3x more stable than USD? 📈

AAA Reserve stablecoin,underpinned by holdings across multiple fiat currencies, was first minted on January 29, 2018. During this time the average daily volatility of AAA has been 0.000117; which is 3-times less than the daily volatility of USD compared to SDR of 0.000324 (SDR is a basket of international currencies maintained by the IMF).

Centralized Exchange, Kryptono, lists Digix Gold Token (DGX) 💵

Tether Appoints Former AML Quality Control Manager at Bank of Montreal as Chief Compliance Officer 🔎